Selling Tips

Each home has features that will appeal to buyers and some that can be improved.     Enhancing your homes best features and rectifying or minimizing the weakest features is presenting your property to its potential.  This can have an enormous impact on the price your property achieves and the time on market.   We have put together a few hints & tips to maximise your result without spending a great deal of money. 

The objective is to make your property attractive to as many buyers as possible.    Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves, as if it were their home.


First impressions are vitally important.   Prior to Open Inspections, ensure the entry is clear of any obstructions and the garden is neat, tidy and healthy.   Trim any hedges and mow the lawn.     A couple of pots with flowers or palms can make a great first impression and is relatively inexpensive.   You also get to take them with you to your new home.  

The front door is going to be one of first things seen.   If the door is looking tired, then simply painting it and adding a new door handle could work wonders.   Maybe invest in a new door mat.


The Bathrooms and Kitchen are generally the rooms that can either make or break a sale.   It is imperative that these are spotlessly clean and they also smell nice.   Re-grouting the tiles can give a bathroom a huge lift.   If your kitchen is looking tired, new cupboard doors, new bench tops or simply new door furniture will be a lot less expensive than a new kitchen.     Ensure that all appliances are also spotlessly clean, and only if necessary consider updating them.      


Buyers know that floor coverings are expensive to replace, therefore ensure that floors are looking as good as possible.   Have carpets professionally cleaned and deodorised.   With timber floors some areas may require re-sanding and coating.   Cleaning Timber floors with a purpose cleaner can certainly add lustre and pleasant aroma.


Ensuring your home is spotless for inspections is essential.   If buyers think that you have skimped on the cleaning, they will certainly question the up keep of maintenance.     If you have pets or are a smoker, it would be best to deodorise the property regularly and open doors and windows to promote ventilation.   Fresh flowers, a baked cake or a pot of coffee can assist with creating an inviting aroma.     


A light neutral colour scheme is attractive to more people than a bold colourful one.    If you do have an abundance of loud colour schemes, it may be best to paint them or reduce them to just a feature wall.    Any marks on walls or trims should also be cleaned or repainted so the property looks fresh, maintained and welcoming.


In our climate, light and airy homes are desired.  If there are a number of dark spaces, such as particular rooms or hallways, the introduction of lamps/lighting is a great way to minimise this.    It is best to present the property with the window furnishings open to enhance light throughout.


De-cluttering gives the appearance of space.   Storage is important to most buyers, so it may be a great idea to tidy robes and cupboards so that storage space is maximised.    
Pack away as much personal items (photo’s, trophies, etc) as practical.    Ensure the bathrooms and bedrooms have toiletries put away and bedside tables free of clutter.

The space in bedrooms and living rooms can be enhanced by removing excess furniture and having a feature piece in the room.    This could be as simple as a piece of art work, sculpture or a neutral feature wall.   New bed linen, cushions and lamps may be the perfect bedroom feature.


In the Rockhampton region, we love outdoor areas.   Ensure all paths, patios, verandas and outdoor entertainment areas are clean and clear of clutter.   Again, pots planted with colour can highlight these areas and can also be utilised to create private spaces. want to give buyers the best opportunity of visualising themselves owning and living in your home.