Why Rent With Us

Why rent with us?

Quality Management Service

We employ only dedicated and professional property managers who concentrate their energy on reading trends and keeping ahead of changes in the rental property market, and who use this knowledge to match residents with properties and then to deliver an ongoing management service. This includes carrying out regular and timely inspections; ensuring that properties are maintained in a good condition and rental income is maximized.

And what does this mean to you?

At Design Real Estate, we never forget – it is your property and you have entrusted it to our care!

So we take great pride in managing the property as though it were our own.
Our specialisation means that we bring a breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of the fine details to the management of the properties in our care. But even more than that, is the attitude with which we approach our work. We strive to deliver not just a consistently reliable service, but rather to exceed any expectations that you as a client may have.

Whether you want a trusted, professional team to manage your property, or reliable and accurate leasing advice, we can deliver.

Please telephone Sherylene Lingen on 0400 210 340 or Paige Coyle on 0400 990 924 to discuss your requirements.